Executive Search

Talent Acquisition

MaxPro brings new meaning to the concept of recruiting. Our personalized service, consultative approach, and innovative attitude allow us to find the best recruitment solutions for our client organizations while advancing the career goals of employees. We are dedicated to connecting businesses with human resources professionals.

Resume Processing

At Maxpro, we pride ourselves on sourcing, attracting and landing top passive candidates. It’s critical to have a proven track record of recruiting passive candidates in this very candidate-driven market. We work on research-based selection along with Cultural and social fitment.

Understand the requirement followed by intensive research on industry, competition, and peace makers

Job Specifications & Selection

Develop job specifications, fitment and benchmark profiles followed by shortlisting for final selection with client. Interviews and selection followed by salary negotiations and offer.

Client Branding

We can help you identify the tools to help brand your company as part of the job search with streamlined brand and job messaging across the job landscape as well as being able to offer marketing add-on’s such as candidate videos and company bios.

OKR Methodology for Executive Search

Keeping pace with the technology driven market,  we have also implemented OKR methodology for improving the hiring experience. Sample steps are listed here.

  • The number of candidates sourced in a given time period.
  • The number of candidates reached out to and contacted in a given time period
  • The number of candidates participating in on-site interviews.
  • Number of offers made to candidates.
  • Number of offers accepted or declined by candidates.
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